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Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Kuka on paras kaverisi? - riccy89
Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Kuka on paras kaverisi?
Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?
Most of my friends change over time, but one friend has been my best friend about ten years now. We used to see almost every day, when we`re going to same school, but after that we saw about one`s a week. Now the distance between us is over 500 km, so we keep in touch writing letters and chatting in facebook. But we`re going to see each other next week and after that she`s going to come to spend a couple days with me.  After that we`re goin to see each other most likely in christmas.

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